Top Signs Your Heating Oil Tank Might Need to Be Replaced

Home heating oil is a top fuel choice for homeowners in both Pennsylvania and Delaware —and for good reason! It’s a safe, affordable, abundant fuel, and recent advancements are making it more eco-conscious than ever. Just like with any home heating fuel, it’s important to be aware of your heating equipment, and more importantly, know when it’s time for an oil tank replacement.

Why Do Oil Storage Tanks Need Replacement?

Over time, heating oil tanks degrade and wear thin. Upon our experts’ visual inspections, Ferro Fuel can gauge the integrity of your oil tank and determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.

When Should You Replace Your Oil Heating Tank in PA

If your heating oil tank is old enough to have a driver’s license, chances are it’s a good time to begin thinking about a replacement. The recommended time that it’s best to consider replacing your oil tank is between 15-20 years in order to avoid the problems that can coincide with an aging tank. Here are a few of the other important things you should look for when your oil tank is reaching its 15-year mark or beginning to show signs of wear:

Rust and dents on the outside of the tank

Rust is detrimental to heating oil tanks. Rust inside a fuel tank can clog the fuel lines and filter, preventing your heating system from operating properly or causing a dreaded oil leak. One or two spots outside of the tank may be an indication that there’s more inside. Dents on the outside of the tank can also indicate a more serious problem on the inside


If your heating oil tank is in an area where it is exposed to harsh weather such as snow or ice, it may have been damaged or weakened over the years to the point of being ready for a replacement. Our experts at Ferro Fuel Oil can determine if your oil tank is in need of a replacement.

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Wet spots and leaks

If you spot liquid on the tank itself or the ground below it, this may indicate that the tank is leaking. Besides this being an environmental hazard—oil tank leaks can also cost you a lot of money in wasted fuel oil. Be sure to contact us at Ferro Fuel immediately for a tank check if you notice this.

Broken fuel gauge

If your oil tank’s fuel gauge is operating poorly, your tank may be in need of a replacement. A broken fuel gauge can be disastrous; by inaccurately representing the fuel inside of the tank, a broken gauge can lead to you running out of heating fuel in the middle of the winter.

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Schedule an Oil Tank Safety Inspection and Get an Estimate on a Replacement Tank

Ferro Fuel’s team of qualified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to come to inspect your Pennsylvania or Delaware home heating system or give you an estimate on a new heating oil tank replacement. Simply give us a call at (610) 485-1356 or contact us online to make sure your home and family are safe and protected with an oil tank that is built to last.