5 Tell-Tale Signs to Replace Your Oil or Propane Heating System

September is here, and that means it’s time to bring out the boots, jackets, and gloves. As we transition into the fall season, many homeowners find themselves wondering if their oil or propane heating system has enough life in it for another cold Pennsylvania winter. After all, those snowy days are right around the corner. If you find yourself questioning your furnace or boiler’s longevity, check the five symptoms below to see if your heating system needs a replacement.

Top Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Replaced

Uneven Home Heating

Are some rooms warmer or colder than others? A well-working piece of equipment will heat all rooms evenly. If you find yourself having to put on a sweater to run upstairs, chances are your heating system’s operation has some serious room for improvement.

Higher Energy Bills

As heating systems age, their fuel economy declines. The newer a heating system you have, the more efficiently it will burn oil or propane, making your full tank last longer and your deliveries less frequent. This provides direct savings on your heating bills.

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Increased Frequency of Repairs

If you find yourself having to repair your heating system every year, add up the bills—how far would that dollar amount go toward the replacement of your system altogether? New systems are less likely to break down, giving you a more predictable cost analysis.

Foreign Sounds or Smells

Unfamiliar humming or clunking is a sure sign that something is awry when it comes to your HVAC equipment. Rotten or burning smells are also a symptom of a system that’s not working as it should.

Dusty Air

Over time, particulates in the air can clog up your heating system, reducing your indoor air quality and reducing your equipment’s filtration capacity. Dusty or dry air is a sign of this problem and can be fixed by replacing your heating system.

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Financing from Ferro Fuel Oil Can Cover the Bulk of Replacement Costs

Feeling like you may need a replacement home heating system this year? Ferro Fuel Oil would be pleased to help. After all, your heating system doesn’t just affect the comfort of your home, but also your household spending. A high-efficiency heating system will prove to you its ability to operate safely while also saving you money.

Fortunately, financing is available to all our credit-approved customers! If you’d like to see how our financing opportunities can take a load off your shoulders in terms of replacement costs, visit our financing page to learn all the details! Plus, you can always contact us with any questions—our team members are experts at providing you with the best home comfort around.