A/C Emergency Service

Count on Ferro Fuel Oil for prompt, reliable service year-round for all of your energy systems! We offer emergency service within 24 hours for your air conditioning equipment, so your home is cool and comfortable throughout the summer. Whether your home is equipped with a whole-home central A/C system or a ductless mini-split cooling system, we can help.

Contact Ferro Fuel for Air Conditioning Emergency Service

If your central A/C or ductless A/C system is in need of immediate repair, call our office at (610) 485-1356, and we will come to your home to assist you as soon as possible. We offer the following A/C emergency services:

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Contact Us for Emergency A/C Service

As your local service provider, you can always count on us for emergency service. If you have a heating system emergency day or night, call us at (610) 485-1356! We will always respond within 24 hours.

How to Reduce Your Risk of an Air Conditioning Emergency

To prevent cooling system breakdowns and unexpected repairs, schedule your annual A/C system maintenance before the warm weather begins! Like annual maintenance for your boiler or furnace, tuning up your air conditioning equipment is important to its longevity and efficiency.

To bundle your planned and unexpected maintenance costs, consider our central air conditioning service plan. Ferro offers a Cool Coverage Plan, which includes your annual tune-up as well as discounts on repairs and service. Click the button below to learn more about our air conditioning service plan and how it can help you reduce the risk of an emergency.