Equipment Financing

We believe that every Pennsylvania and Delaware resident deserves affordable home comfort: that’s one of the main reasons we offer equipment financing through NEIF, the National Energy Improvement Fund. Customers of Ferro Fuel Oil can apply online for credit approval, which unlocks your personal access to convenient loans and low interest rates that can be applied toward your installation of a new home heating system or air conditioning unit.

NEIF Preferred Contractor


Benefits of HVAC Financing through Ferro & NEIF

Along with access to a brand-new home comfort system without the brunt of paying for your installation all at once, financing through Ferro & NEIF’s partnership provides these outstanding benefits:

  • No application fee
  • Immediate credit decision
  • Flexible monthly payment options
  • Entire process is paperless
  • Payment calculator that allows you to compare options
  • Apply from any Internet-capable device

Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Our web page on NEIF’s website has a convenient payment calculator, which allows you to adjust the settings to determine what your monthly payment could look like. Click the button below and scroll down to view the payment calculator and start testing loan amounts.