Budget Plans

Say goodbye to high winter fuel delivery bills and hello to budget-friendly monthly payments! Ferro Fuel Oil offers heating oil and propane gas budget plans that alleviate the brunt of winter heating costs by creating small bills that are paid regularly throughout the year. If this is a program you’re interested in taking advantage of, contact our team of PA & DE energy experts and ask to sign up. We’ll gladly get you enrolled!

How Our 12-Month Budget Plans Work

We offer budget plans for your oil or propane deliveries. Manage your fuel costs with ease—our budget plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of 12 months. Your budget payment lets you spread your heating costs into smaller, predictable payments for better control of your heating costs.

Ferro Fuel Oil budget plan comparison for PA and DE customers


Benefits of a Budget Plan

  • More predictable oil or propane bills
  • Lower bills during the winter & holiday season
  • Easily budget fuel bills with other monthly expenses
  • Convenience and budgeting flexibility
  • Available at no cost to you

Enroll in a fuel payment plan for added convenience and greater peace of mind when it comes to your oil or propane expenses throughout the heating season. Get in touch to learn more!