Oil Tank Installations and Replacements in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Heating oil is the predominant source of heating fuels in the Northeast United States, and it powers thousands of homes in our area. It’s important for the safety of your home that you have a home heating oil storage tank that you can rely on to stay strong and work as intended for years.


Why Do Oil Storage Tanks Need Replacement?

Over time, heating oil tanks degrade and wear thin. Upon our experts’ visual inspections, we can gauge the integrity of your oil tank and determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Oil tanks have a fill pipe and a vent pipe. When the weather is warm, condensation can sneak through the pipes and collect on the inside of the tank walls, causing rusting that leads to corrosion over time. The best way to proactively prevent this from happening is to fill your oil tank regularly with high-quality fuel oil. However, if your tank is more than 15 years old, your safest option is to go with a high-quality oil tank installation or replacement.


Oil Storage Tank Installations and Replacements in PA & DE

At Ferro Fuel Oil, we are committed to your family and home’s comfort and safety. For that reason, we install only the best fuel oil storage tanks for your fuel deliveries. If you’re interested in learning more about the popular brands we supply and install, please reach out to our energy experts by phone or online. They’ll be pleased to speak with you and get you set up with a free consultation and oil tank installation quote.