Top Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

Summer is well underway, and the hottest days of the season are just around the corner. Is your HVAC system prepared to keep you cool through the warm summer months? When it’s time to take a break from the heat, nothing beats cooling off inside a home with reliable air conditioning. We know summers in Pennsylvania can be short, so that’s why we want to help you make the most of them. Making the most of your summer comes down to two things: fun in the sun and cool comfort to relax in afterward.

If your HVAC system isn’t up to par, it may be time to upgrade to high efficiency. If your central air conditioning system has seen better days, or if you’ve been relying on clunky window units that you know just aren’t worth the hassle, don’t chance it this summer. Upgrading to new, high-efficiency equipment now can improve your comfort, save you money, and add convenience to your life for years to come. Continue reading this blog post from Ferro Fuel Oil to learn more about why you should consider upgrading your HVAC system.

Upgrading Your Cooling System in PA & DE

Upgrading your cooling system to high efficiency right now comes with lots of benefits! You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your A/C will suffer from fewer breakdowns throughout time, and you’ll have the advantages of improved indoor air quality, lower energy bills, and more.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Choosing ductless mini-split air conditioning for your home means you can forget the hassle of old window A/C units and avoid the renovation cost of installing central air if your home lacks ductwork. These units can cool your entire home or selected areas.

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Central Air Conditioning

If your home already has ductwork in place for your heating system, adding central air is a breeze. Even if your home currently lacks ductwork, your local energy experts can provide complete installation from the ground up at an affordable price.

Whether you choose to go with a ductless or central A/C, you can’t go wrong with a new and improved system! Once you have updated equipment, the easiest way to lower your summer energy costs even more is to regularly clean and replace your air conditioning system’s filters. This alone can save you 5–15%. Get in touch with Ferro Fuel Oil today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Upgrading Your Heating System

Your heating system may be the last thing on your mind right now, but did you know summer is the perfect time to upgrade that piece of equipment as well? With all the same benefits as an upgrade to your cooling system (lower heating bills, increased comfort, improved indoor air quality, and greater peace of mind) the winters will seem like a breeze. Winters in PA can be tough to take, so make sure you’re ready to stay cozy this year with a heating system upgrade.

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