Top Signs Your Heating System Is No Longer Efficient

With winter right around the corner here in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering whether or not your oil furnace or boiler is up to the challenge and whether or not it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg in energy bills this year. The best way to save money when it comes to home heating is to have an energy-efficient oil furnace or boiler. Understanding energy efficiency is simple. All it means is using less energy to get the same job done, while simultaneously reducing energy costs and pollution. You are probably thinking that sounds good, right? When you evaluate your heater for energy efficiency, the main things to consider are its age, whether it’s adequately heating your home, and what it’s costing you in energy bills and repairs.

Top 3 Signs That Your Heating System is Not Running Efficiently in PA or DE:

1. High Energy Bills

As your heating system ages, its efficiency will start to decline. Consistently climbing heating costs, without extreme weather or household size increase, is a clear symptom of decreased fuel economy. New high-efficiency models can reach efficiency ratings of up to 95, which means significantly reduced heating expenses. If your bills have been getting higher and higher, it’s time for an upgrade.

2.  Uneven Heating

Do you feel exceptionally warm in some rooms of your house and unnaturally cold in others? If your thermostat reads a typical temperature, but heat is not reaching all areas of your home equally, that can indicate the decline of your equipment’s operation capabilities.

3. Increased Repair Frequency

Like any piece of machinery, your heating equipment will suffer from more breakdowns as years of wear and tear go by. Instead of spending your money on recurring repair visits, you will get more bang for your buck by investing in a new high-efficiency system.

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