4 Secrets to Reduce Your Pennsylvania Fuel Bills This Winter

January is the coldest month in Pennsylvania, with average temperatures far below freezing! Is your home prepared to make the most of its heating equipment by keeping conditioned air where it should be? Here are some home efficiency tips from your local experts at Ferro Fuel Oil—employ these to make the most of your Pennsylvania home heating budget and save more this winter than ever before.

Top Ways to Save Money on Your PA Heating Fuel Budget This Winter:

1. Use Ceiling Fans to Redistribute Warm Air

Heat rises, but it can be redirected to give you and your family extra comfort. We recommend running ceiling fans in a slow, clockwise direction to help recycle conditioned air, without losing as much in your rafters or stairwells.

2. Use the Oven Instead of the Microwave

Don’t forget to use your oven to make home-cooked meals this season. The heat from the oven will cycle into your home, saving you money on the fuel oil or propane gas you’d have to use otherwise. Plus, during the winter, there’s nothing like a homemade casserole or batch of cookies!

3. Don’t Heat Your Home When You’re Out or Asleep

Studies show that the average person sleeps better in a cooler space. This fits nicely with the operation of a programmable thermostat, which you can use to lower your heating system’s goal temperature overnight. A programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on your annual fuel delivery bills.

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4. Shovel a Path to Your Propane Tank or Oil Fill

Our delivery teams are no strangers to the cold, but occasionally ice and snow threaten our trucks’ access to your property’s fuel storage solutions. When it snows, please plow your driveway and shovel pathways to any fuel container fill locations. This will keep your deliveries efficient and reduce your risk of an empty fuel tank.

Contact Ferro Fuel Oil to Save on Heating Fuel

Every homeowner in PA wants to save money on home comfort! We at Ferro Fuel Oil hope that list of energy-conservation tips helps to help keep heating oil costs down and home comfort affordable. We offer quality heating fuel at low prices, as well as expert HVAC solutions, for our Delaware County and Chester County, PA service area. If you have any questions about the suggestions in this blog post, feel free to contact us online or call us anytime at (610) 485-1356.