Why You Should Enroll in Automatic Delivery

Cold weather has settled in the Delaware, Chester, and New Castle County area, and keeping your home comfy and cozy is at the forefront of many homeowner’s minds. With all you already have to worry about, why not make ordering heating fuel for your Delaware or Pennsylvania home simple?   Automatic delivery is the best way to have a hassle-free heating season. Simply sign up and let the experts at Ferro Fuel take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy total convenience, no matter how low temperatures drop.

How Automatic Enrollment Works

Ferro Fuel will create a custom fuel delivery schedule based on your fuel usage and daily weather calculations. By keeping track of your usage, outdoor temperatures, personal heating preference and household size, our team is able to accurately estimate when your tank is due for a refill.

The Benefits of Auto Delivery

Take out the guesswork and skip the hassle of manually placing and scheduling your fuel order deliveries around your busy schedule. Instead, you can relax knowing that your energy supply is in good hands.

Improved Protection

Running out of heating fuel can lead to unnecessary safety risks and potentially costly repairs. Auto delivery reduces the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency and expensive damage done to your tank.

Smarter Spending

Everyone wants to make the most of their heating budget, especially these days. Automatic delivery service means more efficient fill-ups, which can mean more effective fuel use and more manageable energy costs.

Total Convenience

You can trust the Ferro Fuel team to deliver your heating oil when you need it—or even before you know that you do! Our effective usage tracking and custom delivery schedule are built for complete customer convenience, so there’s no need to be home during deliveries!

So, what are you waiting for? To take advantage of these valuable benefits when you enroll in automatic fuel delivery. Contact Ferro Fuel today and let us take something off your plate!