When Should I Place a Heating Oil or Propane Order?

As a Pennsylvania or Delaware resident, you probably wonder when’s the best time to place a heating oil or propane order. Knowing how to read an oil tank or propane gauge will help you stave off a no-heat emergency. Don’t worry, learning how to read an oil tank or propane gauge will come easily. We at Ferro Fuel Oil will break down the process for you below.

The Process

You don’t need to be an expert to read a heating oil or propane gauge. Follow these three steps and you’ll discover how naturally reading a fuel tank will come to you:

You’ll usually find your heating oil tank in your basement–if it’s outdoors, make sure it’s clear of any snow or other debris. If you own a propane tank, you’ll find it outside your home.

  1. Once you find the small glass cylinder or dial on top of the tank, you’ll find the gauge. A small marker on the gauge indicates the level of heating oil or propane storage. Levels include Full, ¾, ½, ¼, and Empty.
  2. If your tank is at or below ¼, it’s time to place your fuel order! Deliveries can take up to a few days, so you don’t want to wait any longer or you’ll risk a fuel runout.Place a heating oil order if your heating oil tank reads at or below ¼. If you have a propane tank, you should place an order once your tank reads ⅓ or below.
  3. Pro-Tip: Keep in mind that reading a heating oil or propane gauge does not differ from reading your car’s gas gauge!

The Alternative

We at Ferro Fuel Oil will provide automatic fuel delivery if you’d rather not monitor your own heating oil or propane levels. Some advantages of automatic fuel delivery enrollment include:

  • A reduced fuel runout risk
  • No need to monitor your tank constantly
  • Savings with our service agreements
  • Relax knowing you have a full tank
  • No need to worry about placing a heating oil or propane order regularly

Contact Ferro Fuel Oil for Pennsylvania HVAC Services & Fuel Delivery

Contact us online to sign up for automatic delivery. As part of the automatic delivery package, we’ll accurately determine when you need heating oil or propane delivery by monitoring your tank levels and the weather. Contact us online or call us at (610) 485-1356 if automatic delivery interests you or if you’d like a different service or product from us. Thank you for being a good Pennsylvania or Delaware Ferro Fuel Oil customer!