Top Considerations When Installing a New Heating System

Winter is officially here throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, which means your heating system is getting some extra attention! You might notice your furnace or boiler isn’t working as it used to, or that you want a more energy-efficient system for your home. If you’re thinking about installing or upgrading to a new heating system, the team at Ferro Fuel is here to help each step of the way. But before you begin the process, there are some things to consider when installing a new heating system. Keep reading to learn our top 4 considerations when you think it may be time to upgrade your current heating equipment.

What to Consider for a New Heating Installation:

Do You Currently Run a Furnace or a Boiler?

If you already have a furnace in place, your home’s ductwork is ready for a new furnace to be put in its place. If you have a boiler, the copper piping will work with another boiler. It’s much more budget friendly to keep the same method of heating your home was built to use, rather than converting to a new heat-distribution system, which can be quite expensive. Click here to read about our installation services.

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Do You Have a Manufacturer Preference?

If you were satisfied with your system (or if you weren’t!), let our technicians know. While we always offer top quality manufactured equipment, we are always happy to accommodate your specific requests.

How Much Heating Capacity Do You Need?

A larger furnace or boiler can heat areas of your home. If you’re not sure what size furnace or boiler would be best, contact our energy experts for a FREE consultation!

Consider Your Fuel Source & Efficiency

Whether you use heating oil, propane fuel, or natural gas, our technicians will install a heating system that uses the same fuel, but more efficiently.  The efficiency of your new and improved home heating system will make a significant impact on reducing your annual fuel spending.

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Reach Out for More Information Today

Avoid the hassle and worry caused by inefficient heating systems or fading equipment and request a free heating installation quote from Ferro Fuel. We are always here to provide quality fuel, expertise and friendly service to our customers in our Pennsylvania and Delaware community.