Ways to Save Energy This Spring in PA

We made it through the long, cold winter, and soon warmer weather will be at your doorstep. If you’re a homeowner in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering how you can cut your home comfort costs this spring. With winter wrapping up, it’s time to make a smooth transition to the next season. Luckily, we are bringing you some spring energy-saving tips from Ferro Fuel, so keep reading to see what you can do to save energy during the warmer seasons this year.

Top 4 Energy-Saving Tips for PA Homeowners:

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

You could save significantly on hot water costs by washing your clothes in warm or cold water instead of piping hot water. Try experimenting with washing in cold and warm water to see what works best for you. Unless you have a stained or heavily soiled item, warm or cold water can do just as good a job as hot water. Plus, not washing in hot can prevent shrinking, fading, and color bleeding. Even setting your rinse cycle on cold can help you cut costs.

Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up

Your furnace or boiler has been working hard all year long, so make sure you get a tune-up before fall comes around again. Getting an efficiency tune-up from Ferro Fuel can help you save by extending your system’s lifespan, lowering your heating costs, and providing better comfort for your family. Make sure you contact Ferro Fuel for your annual tune-up.

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Cook Outside or Not at All

Spring and summer are grilling seasons, so save money on your meal-prep costs by cooking on a propane barbeque or firepit. If you don’t like grilling, the warm seasons are perfect for cold foods like salads, wraps, and subs. The more you adapt your cooking habits to the season, the more you can save.

Weatherproof Your Home

Be sure to caulk around your windows and add insulation and seals around your doors to keep your indoor temperature the way you want it. Spring weather is tricky, and it can be hot or cold, so protect your home and wallet from heating or cooling your whole street.

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