Thinking of Converting to Propane in PA or DE? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you interested in converting your Pennsylvania or Delaware home to run on one of the most reliable, safe, eco-friendly, and affordable energy sources available? When you switch to using propane to power your home comfort systems and appliances, you’ll discover the ultimate convenience and ease that our Ferro Fuel propane customers know and love! Keep reading to learn why homeowners love using propane, how to convert to this multi-use fuel, and how to find a propane provider you can trust.

The Top Reasons that Pennsylvania & Delaware Homeowners Love Propane

Made in the United States, propane fuel has what it takes to power various applications. Whether you need to heat your PA or DE home, switch on your generator, or fire up your cooking appliances, you can count on propane all year. This low-emission, clean-burning fuel is safe and reliable, helping you keep your home running, even when the power grid fails. Here are a few reasons homeowners like you rely on propane:

  • Environmentally friendly: Unlike natural gas, propane is not considered a greenhouse gas and is safe for the environment if released into the atmosphere. As one of the most clean-burning fuels available, propane is an approved clean fuel. Plus, the industry is making rapid advancements toward creating an entirely renewable and carbon-neutral propane fuel.
  • Domestically produced: America produces more than enough propane to meet demand. The U.S. is propane’s leading producer, and propane production keeps quality jobs in our country. Due to the hard work our domestic propane producers invest, you can rely on propane’s availability and affordability to power your home.
  • Powering your home appliances: This multi-purpose fuel can be used for home heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, grilling, and more. Not to mention, propane has only a fraction of the operating costs of electric appliances and heating systems.
  • Stable, affordable prices: Propane is one of the most cost-effective fuels on the market today. Domestic propane production is expected to continue to grow rapidly, keeping downward pressure on average propane prices and keeping this fuel affordable and stable for the long haul.
  • Improved safety: We keep our customers safe by transporting and delivering propane carefully and performing routine safety checks on propane equipment.
  • Energy savings: Upgrading to a new propane heating system can also give you peace of mind that your equipment is less likely to need emergency repair.

Install your new propane heating system and tank installation before the heating season begins! Call us at (610) 485-1356 or contact us online to request a quote today.

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Converting Your Home to Propane Power is Easy

Before converting to propane, consider what appliances and home comfort equipment you would like to run on this fuel. Next, be sure to request a safety inspection and receive a FREE installation quote from a local propane company that you can trust to help you convert your home heating system and appliances to propane power. Need help finding an excellent propane service and delivery provider? Check out our helpful list of tips for finding an outstanding propane company in your area below.

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How to Find a Great Propane Company in PA & DE

Read Online Customer Service Reviews

Some large HVAC companies and propane suppliers offer poor customer service and won’t help residential customers when they need assistance. Be sure to compare testimonials and reviews of your top propane delivery choices, and ensure they provide the outstanding customer service you deserve.

Confirm Your Fuel of Choice

We encourage our customers to use propane instead of natural gas because of propane’s higher efficiency rating and versatility. It delivers more BTUs per gallon than natural gas, it’s a safer heating fuel, and most of it is produced in the United States. Find a provider that delivers propane and service for all your propane-powered home comfort equipment.

Verify the Company’s Service Area

A company may be the perfect fit in every other way, but its propane delivery area is crucial to a successful business agreement. Look for an online service area map, and ensure your home is within the propane delivery range. This will allow the propane supplier to make reliable, efficient deliveries of all your LPG requests.

Take a Look at Social Media

Like or follow your propane company’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Are they active on social media? Do they offer discounts, promotions, and contests? Are they responsive to reviews and feedback? You can learn a lot about a company from the way they interact with customers online. Interested in checking out Ferro Fuel’s social media? View our Instagram and our Facebook page here.

Rely On Ferro Fuel for Reliable Propane Deliveries & Service

Our propane experts at Ferro Fuel cannot endorse propane as a multi-purpose heating source enough. Our experts will provide professional propane service and installations and deliver affordable fuel promptly. Looking for even more convenience? Enroll in our automatic propane delivery service by contacting us now. Let us track your propane use and the weather, delivering when the time’s right, so you can focus on other priorities. We also offer will-call propane delivery, so you can place a propane order right away. Call us at (610) 485-1356, or contact us online to request a free propane tank installation quote today. Not yet a Ferro Fuel customer? Simply fill out our online registration form here to get started. We look forward to serving you!