Convenient Automatic Oil and Propane Delivery in Pennsylvania & Delaware

We know that residents in both Chester and Delaware Counties have enough to worry about when it comes to keeping their homes warm. That’s why we’re proud to offer automatic delivery for heating oil and propane. All you have to do is give us a call and chat with one of our helpful representatives to sign up.

How Automatic Delivery Works

We use a special formula based on degree days and usage history to determine when your next delivery will be, and we’ll automatically bring fuel to your home or business at that time. Think of it as a complimentary way for us to help take a few things off your plate. We offer automatic delivery of heating oil and propane for no added fee—that’s right, you won’t be charged anything extra!

Benefits of Automatic Oil or Propane Delivery

  • Seamless Home Heating

    When you are enrolled in automatic oil or propane delivery with Ferro Fuel, you significantly reduce your risk of a fuel runout. We provide regular deliveries based on your home’s personalized heating needs.

  • No Need to Regularly Check Your Oil or Propane Gauge

    If you could check an item off of your weekly to-do list forever, would you? Luckily, there’s no need to constantly check your gauge when you’re signed up for automatic delivery. While we still recommend that you keep an eye on your tank in case your home heating needs change, you won’t need to trek downstairs or outside every week to prevent a no-heat crisis from happening.

  • Peace of Mind as Start to Temperatures Drop

    Ever hear a storm is coming and think “I should order heating oil or propane soon”? Well, hundreds of other homeowners are also thinking the same thing! While we always strive to fulfill orders as quickly as we can, automatic delivery is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you’ll be able to quickly get the heating oil or propane you need, especially in the wake of a storm.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to sign up for automatic delivery and experience the next level of home comfort, especially during the colder season.