Finding the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

Summer is fast approaching! We can’t wait to enjoy another fun-filled season of longer days and warmer weather. But when outdoor temperatures go from balmy to downright sticky in PA, there’s nothing better than cooling off inside a home with reliable A/C.

Whether your current air conditioner is on its last leg, or you’ve been using inefficient window units that aren’t worth the hassle, don’t chance it this year. Investing in or upgrading to a new high-efficiency cooling system can help save you money, improve your home’s comfort, and add convenience to your daily life.

What are the benefits?

During the summer, your air conditioner plays a huge part in your family’s comfort and budget. Investing in a new model with high-efficiency capabilities will reduce your energy consumption, improve efficiency, and ultimately lower your summer cooling bills. Along with better home comfort, a newer model will minimize the likelihood of midseason breakdowns.

Which A/C is right for me?

There are plenty of options available for any style home, ranging in efficiency rating, price, and model type. Featured below are the two most popular—and most efficient—types of home cooling in our area: ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning.

Ductless Air Conditioning

One outdoor unit and one or more wall-mounted units work together to efficiently cool individual rooms or your entire home.

  • Compact and adaptable for any living space
  • Great for homes with or without ductwork
  • Individual zoning to better control your cooling room by room
  • Quiet, effective operation
  • Highly efficient with ENERGY STAR® ratings

Central Air Conditioning

Seamlessly integrates with ductwork used for your central heating system to distribute cool air throughout the house.

  • Complete whole-home cooling
  • Seamless integration with your heating system’s ductwork
  • Compatibility with programmable thermostats for maximum control of how much your cooling system operates
  • Many ENERGY STAR® rated models available

For more information about A/C options in your area, call (610) 485-1356 or contact Ferro Fuel today!