Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heating System?

The holiday season has arrived. Is a new heating system on your wish list? Your dream upgrade might actually be a safety necessity. Your boiler or furnace is responsible for keeping your family warm, your energy bills low, and your property safe. If your heating equipment exhibits these symptoms, it could be time for a replacement.

What to watch for:

Uneven Heating

Are some areas of your home unnaturally warmer or colder than others? Your heating system’s reach (or lack thereof) can indicate a decline in operating efficiency.

Strange Odors or Noises

A bump or clunk from the basement every now and again comes with the territory of being a homeowner. Be aware of odd smells or regular humming, banging, or thumping when your heating system is on.

High Energy Bills

Like any piece of machinery, over time your heating system’s performance will start to decline. Sometimes the easiest way to assess this is by looking over your heating bills. Higher than average costs without regular cause, like market changes or extra-cold temperatures, can be a red flag for a replacement.

Increased Repair Frequency

Look over your service call history. Older heating systems will require more maintenance and part replacements between seasons. Instead of spending your money on frequent repairs, you could invest in a new model that will help you save money today and tomorrow.

Dry or Dusty Air

Have you noticed build-ups of dust or changes in indoor humidity levels? Indoor air quality can be improved by annual maintenance, but eventually the only sure-fire solution will be upgrading your heating system.

Why upgrade?

Homeowners that upgrade to high-efficiency heating equipment take advantage of valuable benefits like lower energy costs, improved operating efficiency, reduced risk of emergency breakdowns, and more.

Make sure your heating system is up to the challenge of winter! To learn more about heating equipment upgrades in Chester, New Castle, and Delaware counties, contact Ferro Fuel’s HVAC experts today!