Why You Should Enroll in a Heating Oil Service Plan

You have insurance for your health, your home, your car, and maybe even your pets. Why not have protection for your heating and cooling systems as well? After all, your home’s HVAC equipment plays a major role in keeping your family warm and toasty during winter, so why not protect it in the same way?

If you’re a Pennsylvania or Delaware homeowner, enrolling in a heating oil service plan is the best possible way to protect your heating equipment from any serious issues that may arise. Enrolling in a heating oil service plan provides valuable perks like annual tune-ups, and emergency services when your equipment malfunctions or breaks down. That way, you can rest easy if any serious issues arise, with the knowledge that your equipment will be fixed in no time.

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Common Service Plan Questions

What’s included?

There are different levels of coverage available for heating oil service plans. At Ferro Fuel Oil, we offer two affordable plans; that way, every homeowner can find a plan that works for their needs and budget. Each Ferro Fuel Oil heating oil service plan includes a version of the following perks:

  • An annual efficiency tune-up
  • Parts & labor coverage
  • Priority service
  • $50 credit for every referral

Why should I sign up right now?

Your heating system works hard all winter long. The colder months are a perfect time to sign up for a heating oil service plan because it’s the time of the year when most issues occur. Don’t be left in the cold with a no-heat emergency. Instead, enroll in a heating oil service plan from our team here at Ferro Fuel. Think of it as a preventative measure, like getting an annual check-up for your heating equipment. Keeping to a maintenance schedule will help you…

  • Reduce the risk of midseason breakdowns
  • Avoid expensive emergency repairs
  • Improve your system efficiency, lowering future energy costs

Sign Up for a Heating Oil Service Plan from Ferro Fuel Oil Now

Isn’t that little bit of protection worth the peace of mind? If you’re a Pennsylvania or Delaware homeowner, don’t wait until it’s too late to get a heating oil service plan. Reach out to our team at Ferro Fuel and be sure to contact us today for more information.