4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System in PA or DE

Not only does your A/C equipment affect the comfort of your home, but also your household spending. A high-efficiency air conditioning system will prove to you its ability to operate safely while also saving you money. Yet it can be tricky to determine whether your existing central or ductless A/C system is in need of a replacement. If you’re between annual tune-ups from your Ferro Fuel Oil HVAC specialist, look at your equipment to check on these few signs. They could mean it’s time for an upgrade:

Top Reasons You Might Need a New Air Conditioning System Installation:

#1: Uneven Cooling Capability

If you’re noticing that some rooms are unnaturally warmer than others, there could be a decline in your equipment’s operational capabilities. An uneven distribution of cold air can also be noticed if your thermostat reads a certain temperature, but other areas of your home don’t feel like it’s reaching it.

#2: Higher Electric Bills

Decreased energy efficiency is another reason to upgrade your cooling system and will show through consistently climbing electricity bills. This is especially true when there’s no extreme hot weather or increased time spend at home to cause these rising bills.

#3: Increased A/C Repair Frequency

Take a look at your recent service history and pay attention to the number of breakdowns and repairs for your system. Investing in a new, high-efficiency system will be more cost effective than continuing to spend your money on recurring A/C repairs.

#4: Dusty or Dry Air

Evaluate the air quality in your home, specifically if there are excess amounts of dust or drastic changes in air humidity. This can be the result of an outdated central or ductless cooling unit. While regular maintenance will improve air quality, a replacement is a more effective solution.

Trust Ferro Fuel Oil with Your Northeast Air Conditioner Installation

Do you notice any of these symptoms from your current air conditioning system? Contact Ferro Fuel Oil to get a no-obligation quote on a new high-efficiency air conditioning system installation before major summer heat waves come to Pennsylvania and Delaware. We would be more than pleased to help your family enjoy a more comfortable summer this year.